I teach Polish as a foreign language both in Polish and with the use of English, German and Dutch.

Training in correct pronunciation.

A programme designed for learning practical Polish for everyday purposes. Lessons are based on practical grammar and well-selected, contextualised vocabulary. Improvement of communication skills, and assistance in understanding the cultural code of the language.

Preparation for language examinations upon individual request. Together we will break the language barrier in a pleasant atmosphere. I have a lot of tests, exercises and relevant materials.

I offer:

Target group:





Practical usage of language on a business trip. Vocabulary selected to match the needs of a particular trip.

Polish for tourists and business travellers

Selected vocabulary and topics related to: the work environment and climate, job interviews, phone calls, business correspondence and customer service.

Polish for business and economy

Topics based on commerce and selling products. Learn how to negotiate and sell effectively.

Polish for marketing and advertising

Professional vocabulary for medical purposes, including: general and aesthetic medicine, cardiology, and physiotherapy.

Polish for medicine

Practical usage of English in drafting design proposals and offers for clients.

Polish for architecture

Learn the language skills necessary for pilots, flight attendants and shipping forwarders.

Polish for aviation and maritime transport

Language courses for particular departments in a company, e.g.: HR, Accounts, Banking. Document flow and customer service in the foreign language.

Polish in the office

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