My name is: Małgorzata Kanigowska

Age: 31

I speak: twenty languages!I speak fifteen of them fluently and know the other five at various levels of proficiency: from beginner to advanced level.My knowledge and language skills are documented by university diplomas, certificates and licences to teach foreign languages!

About me

I am:

A language teacher with a sense of mission

A philologist and linguist

A teacher

who appreciates individualism, which is why each of my lessons is customised to the individual needs of the student. Cooperation is very important to me, which is why I believe that by joining forces we will break the language barrier! I value diligence, knowing that hard work opens the doors to success. So come and take a trip with me, where the destination is the completion of your objectives!

An enthusiast

who is a master

of languages

The author of effective individualised methods

designed for each specific person

A traveller

who loves to be around local people. Travelling so much, I've had the chance to use languages in their natural environment, which has provided me with a powerful tool in the form of knowledge put into practice. I have learnt the mentality of local people, so - besides understanding their language - I also understand their cultural code. This knowledge is valuable not only in business but also in everyday life when you intend to live or travel in a specific country.

A multilingual person

with an insatiable appetite and incredible passion for learning foreign languages, able to motivate, teach and infect every single student with my love for languages - irrespective of their age or profession. In my opinion, 'there is a method for everyone' and my optimism about the techniques I use is substantiated by the results: over 200 satisfied students.

With the carefully-selected, concise and simple content of my courses, I demonstrate my thorough understanding of the material at hand. I am inquisitive and focused on personalised strategies, thus bringing the best results right away.

Each lesson is adapted to the student's individual needs. Through hard work, together we will break the language barrier! I don't teach unnecessary things which you don't need - that's just a waste of time! I will make sure you speak correctly, understand the context and have fun with the language in a flexible way! My tricks are derived from my experience and proficiency with all language levels, and a talent for intuitive recognition of different personality types.

One lesson and boom!



My special love

it's my native


I learnt it in its natural environment through a very long stay and study in the Netherlands

German, which is a part of my soul and wakes up my internal giant!

Numerous methodology training sessions,

New language classes taught by only the best and the most competent professionals.

I participate in:

According to the Reiss Motivation Profile test I am:

Discoverer and Intellectual - I am constantly looking for new methods and solutions, I am hungry for knowledge to ensure the highest quality for my students and constantly improve my qualifications. I think analytically, I like to bring order. The fear of the unknown is alien to me, which is why I effectively cure others of it and destroy language barriers like Batman! My lessons are sometimes like a visit to the theatre, what a student is a different art. Everyone is unique, and I am famous for not wasting time and acting with momentum!

I am normal, energetic and temperamental person who likes people and working with people. I am not perfect. I love clever people and highly value the time spent with them as I have also learned a lot from many of them. I am fulfilled, self-aware and aware of my strengths. My experience - both ups and downs - has helped me find teaching methods which work, and I am still seeking new ones! I go about life with lots of energy so as not to lose my nickname - 'radioactive' - which stuck to me some time ago. I radiate with an infectious love of languages! I love foreign languages, my friends and my immediate family! I am assertive but I also have a great sense of humour and an ever-growing tendency not to take myself too seriously. I love my work and enjoy hustle and bustle, action, bike riding, plane flights, walks, sightseeing and kitchen experiments. I am interested in medical innovations, and like to draw in my free time. I grasp and understand within a few hours things which for other people would require weeks of work and many hours of lamentation. I swear I do not teleport myself! All it takes is patience and all of a sudden - boom, I got it right! I like to support others and to surprise people with millions of new ideas.I have a very good memory, which I have trained through learning foreign languages, academic studies and hard work on myself. I know what interesting, meaningful and, first and foremost, effective learning looks like. Based on your needs, I will provide you with not only a customised teaching plan and strategy, but also a well-organised base of knowledge supported by hundreds of learning resources. I assist students in coming out of the shadows and overcoming their linguistic paralysis, enhancing those character traits which will help them achieve success and weakening those which are a hindrance to them. My every step is well thought out and our full engagement gives a huge motivating kick. A satisfied, well-taught and fulfilled student is my speciality!

In my personal life:

Early in my life I discovered my natural talent for learning foreign languages and explaining their mechanisms to others. As a six-year-old I responded to German with huge enthusiasm. In high school I wrote assignment papers, gave private German and English lessons and helped my friends prepare for the final examination, all of which enriched my set of teaching methods. I also won various language competitions.

Determined to obtain a good education and develop my skills, I began my studies at the University of Warmia and Mazury, then went to Germany (Düsseldorf), and afterwards to Turkey (Istanbul). It was not always easy. However, from the very beginning I felt that I had the potential for more and that I would like to pursue a career in teaching and translation. I have seen a lot of interesting places. I have travelled around the world, learning foreign languages, completing good, one-to-one language courses and gaining language certificates and diplomas. It is my belief that only one-to-one lessons or studying in micro-groups can bring quick, desirable results and that it isn't necessary to leave one's country to speak well in a particular language. The recipe is simple! You just have to follow certain customised instructions and suddenly... you'll be speaking!!!

On the one hand, the process largely depends on the teacher, her methods, knowledge, teaching resources, skills and approach; on the other hand, it depends on the student's commitment, systematic work and listening to the teacher's advice. Learning a foreign language is a process which requires patience. Each of us knows, however, that it's also a factor which determines one's survival and success in today's world! Market forces make it necessary for us to master at least one foreign language and I am here to help you!

My mission in life is to guide you through and provide solutions for language learning, and to prepare interesting and effective materials as well as a personalised programme depending on your particular needs. Everyone can count on my full commitment and all my energy. I keenly motivate business people, young people and children to learn foreign languages. Lessons may be conducted only in the given language, if the student has reached a high enough level, and the lessons have nothing in common with the school curriculum.

A bit of history...


Go to the lessons tab to take a closer look at my qualifications, details of my activities and my mission to teach foreign languages!

German - I have a BA and MA in German language, specialising in translation, from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. I also completed postgraduate studies in teaching German as a second language. I undertook PhD linguistic studies in Germany and Turkey - IU, Istanbul - where I also taught classes. Today I continue to supervise projects at institutes of higher education in the DACH countries. Detailed information on my fields of activity relating to the German language are in the lessons tab.

I teach...

English - I graduated in Applied Linguistics. I hold the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English. I was awarded scholarships to study in Boston and in Melbourne and spent three months in New Zealand on a private trip.

Polish – Native speaker - I completed training, courses and certificates in teaching Polish as a foreign language.

Dutch – completed a diploma in Dutch as a foreign language. Level - Native. I lived in the Netherlands for many years.

French – classes at university, continuation to one-to-one lessons. I hold a certificate of proficiency.

Turkish/Arabic/Persian – one-to-one lessons in Turkish and Arabic in Istanbul, Dilmer Course (Arapça ve Türkçe Kursu) and a preparatory course for the certificate of proficiency in Turkish at the language centre of the University of Istanbul. I hold a certificate of proficiency. I spent three years in Turkey, lived with a Turkish family, and worked as a guide in Istanbul. I also lived in Iran and the United Arab Emirates for academic purposes. I had one-to-one lessons with a Persian teacher, which were continued after my return, and obtained a certificate of proficiency.

Swedish/Norwegian/Danish – a one-to-one language course. I hold certificates of proficiency in these languages. Additionally, I lived in Norway for six months.

Japanese – a several-year-long cooperation with a native speaker from one of Tokyo's universities, who also supervised my studies. I stayed in Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto) for academic and research purposes - 1 month. I lived with a Japanese family for 3 months. I hold an advanced certificate.

Chinese -for several years I have been taking one-to-one lessons with a language teacher - I hold an intermediate certificate. I have visited China a few times as a tourist.

Spanish–a one-to-one course, stay in Madrid and visits to Tenerife. I hold a certificate of proficiency.

Czech – one-to-one classes; I am a proficient user of the language. Details: Gate Czech.

You can learn a language too, and I will help you do that!

What is most important

is to identify your situation, make a plan, select the proper tools, train you and, throughout the process, be led by your needs and motivate you properly.

I know

how crucial the right approach and method for explaining things are. What matters is to do it in the simplest and most student-friendly way possible. Your age is irrelevant and the pace of learning depends on you. Each student is important to me and I am well prepared for our classes!

I don't

teach unnecessary things, trading exceptions for the rule. The programme is designed in such a way as to allow you to communicate in all areas of life easily and without mistakes. I adjust my teaching to meet the needs of your profession or interests. You decide how far you want to go!

a step-by-step course, all your difficult questions answered, success in high school diploma examinations and other examinations, better grades and success in language certificate examinations (from A1 to C2 levels, according to European standards).

I guarantee you

Moreover, I have completed training in 'Psychology of Memory. Basics of Dyslexia.' I participate in numerous linguistic and teaching conferences and hold licences to teach foreign languages. Don't even think about failure in an exam or poor results - leave everything to me! All you need to do is listen to me, ask questions if needed and follow my instructions. I appreciate diligence and commitment, so I don't teach people who don't want to lift a finger. I do not take money for nothing: I invest in resources and create most of the teaching materials myself; I sort them and adjust them; I make you stand on your own two feet (not only where language skills are concerned). If you wish, I will slow down; if not, I will keep up my brisk pace, which you are bound to enjoy! There is one 'but'! Once I notice a student's lack of conscientiousness, not listening to my guidance or consistent failure to follow my instructions to ensure effective learning, on account of my professionalism, I reserve the right to refuse further services with 30 days' notice. I am well-qualified and base my teaching on techniques and methods which you will not find in books, and which are always adjusted to fit the individual. I have an ample collection of recordings, books, and exercises. I also write my own materials and provide students with an ultra-short theoretical background.

My experience is measured by the success of my students!


My students' pass rate in junior high school examinations is from 90-100%

My students' pass rate in final high school examinations is from 90-100%

For eight years I have been preparing students for language certificate examinations from A1 to C2 levels - all with success, without unnecessary delays, and according to the standards and specific requirements of the examination. The pass rate is as excellent as can be!

Working for several years as a teacher in a Polish high school and junior high school, I enjoyed the successes of my students in German competitions at the voivodeship level.

I also worked as a university language teacher in Germany and Turkey

I conducted research in 16 German Bundeslands

I was awarded a scholarship to study in the USA, where I also participated in a research project

I taught in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland as part of a language project. I also attended training sessions there.

I have many years' experience in teaching foreign languages to meet the needs of daily life and functioning in a specific country (preparation for emigration/relocation). My past and present students include citizens of such countries as: Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, France, Australia, England, USA, Japan, UAE and Turkey.

I worked as a German-, Turkish- and English-speaking guide in Istanbul.

My love of foreign languages, travelling all over the world and years of study have enabled me to explore and work out the processes which I use for teaching. I try to make your learning efficient, pleasant and effective! It is my mission in life to enable people to pursue their dreams and believe in themselves thanks to their progress in language learning and smooth progression to subsequent levels of proficiency.

  • medical (GUMED undergraduates, doctors: cardiology, aesthetic medicine, general medicine, physiotherapy)
  • technology (metal industry),
  • marketing,
  • business,
  • legal,
  • HR (employees dealing with German companies and corporate branches),
  • economic - aviation (pilots - specialist vocabulary),construction (architecture)
  • A language teacher preparing candidates for university studies at SGH Warsaw School of Economics,
  • A language teacher preparing postgraduates for the examination before their PhD defence,
  • A language teacher of students participating in contests and competitions at the voivodeship level (laureates)
  • I successfully cooperate in the field of language with investors and architects working in the United Arab Emirates.

A teacher providing lessons in foreign languages and assistance with specialist translations in the following fields:

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